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Complete KHS Soft Drink & Beer Can Filling Line

Reference No: FL4590
Category: Plant >> Filling
Make: KHS
Year: 2002
Location: Europe
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Complete KHS Soft Drink & Beer Can Filling Line, installed year 2002 and in operation until end 2011:

This line was preserved for sale and relocation in the beginning of this year and is still installed (and PLCs are all powered).  It was used for beer and carbonated long drink type soft drinks for filling in 0.33 and 0.50 litre aluminium cans.

This line is complete from de-palletizer to palletizer and secondary packagine is made on carton trays with shrink wrapping and afterwards palletized on EURO Pallets and stretch wrapped.

Also included is a special KHS Taxomat machine which adds an aluminium foil on top of the cans in order to keep them clean for drinking.

Filling capacity:
-52,000 cans/h in 0.33 and 0.50 litre cans of beer
-48,000 cans/h in soft drinks

List of main equipment:
* KHS Innopal AM 1 ASH de-palletizer and PMZ pallet storage system
* KHS PTR Pallet conveyors
* Empty can inspection machine LING NLA 1020
* KHS Innoline BTR empty can transport conveyor system,
* KHS Mayer rinser SZGD/VH/E
* GEA VT40 BC-25 Flash Pasteurization station with buffer tank, capacity 290 hi/h
* KHS Innofil DMD filling machine with 92 filling valves, capacity 52,000 c/h beer
* Cap feeding system DB 59399
*Ferrum Seamer F512 cap sealing unit with 12 cap closing heads, capacity 52,000 c/h
* Stratec Innocheck X-Ray filling inspection system
* KHS Innopas WI 572 can heating unit
* KHS conveyor system for packed product
* Krones Taxomatic 720-24-2 (K 084-092) can cover foil closing machine (year 2005)
* KHS Kisters TPS 050 S tray packing and shrink wrapping unit, capacity 50 trays / min

* KHS Innopal PL palletizer, PMX pallet storage system with pallet conveyors
* Robopack Helix HS 40 pallet wrapping machine, capacity 50 pallet/h

Further information and video available.  Located in Europe.

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